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Is james milner of liverpool a gay?

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Is james milner of liverpool a gay?

Is james milner of liverpool a gay?

Fans reacted after James milner was spotted with his hand grabbing Naby keita’s

manhood since then a lot of people has been wondering and asking Is james milner of liverpool a gay?

 Is james milner of liverpool a gay?

James milner was interviewed on 28th September 2018 if he did it intentionally and his response was:

James Milner: I was really excited and overwhelmed during the goal celebration

and next was boom my hands already grabbing Naby kaita’s dick so I was really shocked like what the hell?

It wasn’t intentional honestly speaking I have a woman I am a lover of women not men.

James Milner has cleared off the silly thoughts on many Liverpool fans and made it clear it was never intentional,

Naby kaita response when questioned on 29th September 2018

“During the goal celebration everyone was happy but I was shocked when I felt cold on my dick I was really happy enjoying the momentum so I never bothered looking or

check it out why my dick was cold and after the game I had thoughts silly silly thoughts

so I just snapped out of the thoughts looking at my mirror smiling and said it was hand of God to bless my wife with a star so nothing again.

This was accident was never intentional so do not see James milner as a guy please.

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