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[POEM]: Masturbation By Rebecca Nneka

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[POEM]: Masturbation By Rebecca Nneka

Masturbation by Rebecca Nneka

It is another wonderful poem from the Nigerian imolite linguist Rebecca Nneka on this one she titles it “Masturbation” I am really sure you will love this poem so relax and read carefully below:

Masturbation by Rebecca Nneka

Like the early morning erection every vein in that body stood still screams,moans,pains,

mixed with erotic pleasure came forth the bed was littered with voices, voices of babies unborn,

As every moan came forth he yearned harder holding fast to his own body,

he pressed that delicate skin so hard with his heart panting like a leaping frog that ran a race Boom! It went off!

He longed for that soft paper, his unborn children came out in a rush.

He reached out for a piece of tissue while he panted in satisfaction he cleaned his unborn children off him and laid back feeling relieved,

Relieved of the murder he just committed in his within

– Masturbation by Rebecca Nneka

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Masturbation by Rebecca Nneka

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