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[VIDEO] Law enforcements fights over Johnny And Ekpo

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[VIDEO] Law enforcements fights over Johnny And Ekpo

Street paddy

Law enforcements fights over Johnny and ekpo – Street paddy episode 25, watch and laugh away your sorrows!

Street paddy episode

PulseTV is an entertainment channel which provides her audience with talk shows, entertainment news, trivia questions, and lots more.

This video is from an animated series called “Street Paddy”. the main characters are Johnny and Ekpo, they were in a range rover cruising around the streets of Lagos. The car belongs to Ekpo’s boss and Johnny with his Igbo man brain was suggesting that they use the car to pick up passengers and make some extra cash.

On their cruise they saw a fine girl walking on the streets and decided to follow her, they ran over a red traffic light in the process and got pulled over by police traffic official which attracts more law enforcement officials,watch it and complete the story line on our comment section below 😂.

Credit: Pulse TV


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