How to seduce older woman and have her juicy pot

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How to seduce an older woman

My name is innocent Theo and my journey to learning how to seduce an older woman started at a busy nightclub,

She was thirty-four, tall, blue-eyed, and athletic, a beautiful woman. Although we had intense chemistry, I couldn’t have prepared for what she said only thirty minutes into our conversation.

She whispered into my ear, “Are you going to take me home and fuck me or not?” I was stunned. I had never heard a woman proposition me so directly, let alone such an attractive one.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just discovered one of the three keys to seducing an older woman.  I’ll explain what happened next with that woman soon, but first, I want you to know something important.

How to seduce an older woman 😇

There are several key differences between younger and older women. If you understand these differences,

and how to use them to your advantage, seducing older women will become a satisfying process that will regularly lead you to experiences that would normally be reserved for a Dear Penthouse letter.



After the thirty-four-year-old beauty asked me, “Are you going to take me home and fuck me or not?” She called an Uber and brought me straight to her place.

We got inside, and as she walked towards her room she began taking off her clothes, first her jacket,

then her shirt, and thirdly- her pants. As she stood by her bed, she undressed completely, and got on all fours on her bed before saying, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

That night was the first of many that taught me an important lesson: older women don’t play games.

Older women tend to be much more comfortable with their sexuality than their younger counterparts. They’ve been around the block a few times and they are much more likely to want to have sex with a guy they just met.

It’s important you understand this as you learn how to seduce an older woman, because if you try to play games with an older woman, it’s very likely to backfire, she will wonder why you can’t just be real enough to go for what you want.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should just walk up to an older woman or message a woman online on social media sites like and  say,

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“Hey, would you like to have sex?” But it does mean that if you are attracted to an older woman, being direct will get you much further than it will with a younger girl.

If you’re attracted to an older woman, don’t hesitate to be physical, to kiss her, and to make the interaction sexual. Older women appreciate a no B.S. approach, so if you usually like to be indirect and subtle, drop that when interacting with older women.

Don’t hesitate to invite her to your place, whether you met her online or in person, older women tend to want a guy who goes for what he wants, there’s no reason to wait to take her home.


Older women have had enough life experience to be bored by guys who only talk about surface level matters like pop-culture and sports.

Older women crave more interesting conversation, if you can talk about things that most guys never do, you will stand out as far more intriguing than the many boring guys she’s met.

Recently, I met a beautiful Spanish woman at a bar, and in the two hours, before we slept together, our conversation spanned topics including existentialism, how the death of our fathers affected us, and our biggest fears.

Our conversation was

emotionalvulnerable, and

meaningful, because of this she felt it was only natural to invite me to her place for some drinks in private. Your conversations with all women should have some depth to them, but especially your conversations with older women.


Women love to talk about feelings, and this is something most men just don’t get. Talking about your emotions (and having her talk about hers) will make her feel a sense of connection and comfort with you.

When learning how to seduce an older woman, make sure not to only bring up positive emotions,

but a full spectrum of emotions. Many younger guys are intimidated by older women, and because of this, they’re hesitant to do anything that might be perceived as negative when interacting with an older woman.

Show that you’re not intimidated, if an older woman says something you dislike, don’t hesitate to let her know that you disagree.

This doesn’t mean you should be antagonistic, but being confident enough to disagree with her is actually quite attractive (a classic example of this is the dynamic between Han Solo and Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy), it shows that you aren’t a wimp which creates sexual tension.

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Create a deep conversation with an older woman using the power of vulnerability. Contrary to popular belief, being vulnerable has nothing to do with being weak, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Being vulnerable is about being confident enough to talk about things that most people would keep hidden (especially from a woman they barely know).

Vulnerability shows a strong sense of self-worth and it creates trust- both of which are key elements in seducing an older woman.

Some examples of vulnerable topics include:

-Your hopes and fears.

-Any memory that helped shape who you are.

-Mistakes you’ve made.

-Anything most people would only tell a close friend.

When bringing these topics up, the point isn’t to get emotional, it’s to share something about yourself that most people wouldn’t share.

Being vulnerable yourself will lead the woman you’re interacting with to share similar thoughts about herself; this will lead the two of you to create a powerful connection and sense of mutual trust.


Older women are used to older men who have mostly settled down and gotten comfortable in their way of life.

Unfortunately, these older men don’t have the same enthusiasm and fervor of younger men, thus, older women find youthful passion extremely attractive.

When interacting with an older woman, talk about your passions, your plans, your ambitions.

Talk about the band you’re in, the business you want to start, and all the ways that you want to make an impact on the world.

She will find your youthful energy and enthusiasm incredibly seductive.


To be honest, I had found her quite intimidating. I was only twenty-one at the time and she was in her early thirties. Not only was she incredibly attractive and self-confident, but she was also quite successful: she made well over six-figures as a high-level executive.

We had met a few hours earlier at a local club, and after a great conversation and some drinks, we ended up in her bedroom. As excited as I was,

I couldn’t help but overthink, I was afraid this woman was out of my league and I would screw things up.

As we started making out on her bed, I hesitated to take off her clothes. She could sense my hesitation, and she blurted out, “Is this amateur hour or something?”

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I was totally embarrassed… I had fucked it up. She ordered me a cab back home.

That night was embarrassing, but I also learned an invaluable lesson: older women expect a man to know what he’s doing.

The fact that I had overthought and hesitated turned that woman off to the point that she lost interest in sleeping with me.

If you hem and haw when seducing an older woman, it’s not going to end well. This is true throughout the interaction, but especially when it comes to sex.

Younger women tend to have hang-ups about sex, so it can be useful to take your time and gradually escalate.

With older women, this dynamic is very different, you want to be bold in the bedroom.

This doesn’t mean that older women don’t like foreplay (far from it), but it does mean that making out for half an hour before you attempt to take off her shirt is wholly unnecessary- and even anti-seductive for her.

If you want to seduce an older woman, take charge. She knows what you want, and she wants it too,

don’t make her wait- she’s not an immature girl, she’s a real adult.

(Now, obviously, if an older woman gives you resistance, you need to respect it just like you would otherwise.)

In terms of performance, chances are, it’s not your experience that’s going to impress her- it’s your vigor. When having sex with an older woman, take her the way only a younger man could, and you’ll have her begging for more.


Older women are more confident, more sexually skilled, and more interesting than younger women. Of course, with those differences come different expectations.

A younger man has a lot to offer an older woman, but only if he understands what older women want.

Use the mindsets and strategies outlined above to consistently turn your interactions with older women into satisfying stories of seduction.

Tell us what do you think about How to seduce an older woman we value your comments so let’s hear from you

through our comment section below and thank you for visiting we would love to have you next time 🙏

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