How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings

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How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings

TOPIC: How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings

You have got nothing to worry about and say no to loss of money with

” How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings ” because with this

tips you are covered. now before I begin let me introduce myself to you,

My name is Innocent Theo a ghost blogger and artist

I want to share this knowledge with you and pass

on this wonderful tip to you on How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings so

before I proceed let me introduce to you “ALAT” ALAT is number one digital

banking system invent by WEMA BANK PLC to help give you and me a better deal on

your savings than you can get anywhere else — 10% interest per year precisely.

NOTE: this is not ponzi and not a scam because I know what you must be thinking on right now.

But what you may not know is how this works. Let me break it down for you to understand it more better.

Here is what ALAT will not do:

Pay you 10% interest immediately you move money to your account.

Pay you 10% interest daily, weekly or monthly.

Pay you 10% interest right after you sign up.

Pay you 10% interest just because you asked nicely.

I had to make that clear because, believe it or not, some people have made similar

assumptions on How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings.

Let me skip to the fun part. Here is what ALAT will absolutely do for you:

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Pay you up to 10% interest on your goal savings. No kidding!

Remember this though: The interest you’ll earn is dependent on the duration of your goal.

So, for example, if you’re saving toward a goal for twelve months,

you will get paid 10% in full when you meet that goal.

Q: “But what if I stop saving before I meet my goal ?”

A: That is fine, your interest will be calculated based on how long you saved for as long as you do not delete your goal.

And it requires just simple easy steps just lime you can see below screenshot of the one I registered for my nephew who is still 9years old:

Now to summarize it, if your goal duration is shorter than twelve months,

your interest will also be calculated based on the duration you saved for.

Got it? Great!

Now, Visit the nearest WEMA BANK branch in your district or click on ALAT official website,

register it is very easy your information are fafe,sign up and click

the Goals option on the ALAT menu to get started and grow your money,

You can actually get the app on appstore for iPhone users or Google Playstore for android phone users.

And before I forget you can also earn #10,000NGN instantly after you referred ten people to join ALAT by WEMA and

please if you think this is scam goto any WEMA bank branch and ask more about this then when convinced use this my

referral link: to sign up so that I can get my own referral percentage and thanks and remain blessed as you do so 🙏

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Hope this tip on ” How To Earn 10% Interest On Your Savings ” is helpful?

Now let me hear from you and please do ask your questions through the comment section

below 👇

And If you are a student you can also earn with this one:

How To Earn Money In Nigeria As A Student,

Now let me cip my tea before it gets cold 😀

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