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How to catch and kill a criminal

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How to catch and kill a criminal

To catch a criminal is not easy but if you begin to think like a criminal it will be very easy for you to catch a criminal because people said that to catch a fishermen you will need fish

Now to break it down for you I want you to understand the facts and risks in catching a criminal


1: you will die if things go wrong

2: you will end up dead and miserable if you are not smart enough to outsmart a criminal

3: you can’t disarm an armed person if you are not smart brave and alive

4: criminals have nothing to loose so they are always prepared and jot afraid of death

5: before they leave their house they already know is life and death movement

6: when you kill a criminal you become more stronger that an average person can’t beat you

7: to catch a criminal you must posses a weapon which is fighting skill

8: criminals are deadly even if is your brother and you know he is better keep silent else if you call his name two things will happened (you die or your brother dies)

9: they are the most desperate humans on earth


when at home lock your doors and windows properly, have a sharp sword next to you under your bed for protection self defense and then keep your valuables hidden or goto bank and lock them up in a safe


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always be smart, vibrant, always be observant and fast in thinking

During my training at the NDA Nigeria I was taught a lot of things,

most criminals comes in so quick of course you will not be prepared for any attack which is life, they act so quick and flee so the only way to catch them is by being always

observant and keeping at alert in anywhere you are you must be smart and be ready for anything,

think like a criminal always and you will be hardly get stolen from.

What do you think about How to catch and kill a criminal?

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