how to flash android phone by yourself free

how to flash android phone by yourself free

how to flash android phone by yourself free

You do not need to goto a phone repair shop to flash your android phone whenever your android phone encounters virus or breaks down because you can do that by yourself free of charge.

In my life since I ever started using and android phone I have never paid anyone to flash my android phone for me because I have the idea and technology knowledge to do that myself which alsobhas attracted a lot of people in my neighborhood always coming to my house to fix their phones free while I do charge some sets of people to fix their own.

Chill first no rushing just follow the below steps and it will lead you through to how to do it yourself in a very simple way
If you are fond of sending files to people or always exchanging files with people be sure you have 60% chances of risking your device to virus.

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If your phone has been disturbing you and you wanted to visit a phone repair shop what a lucky person you are because after following this guide you won’t go to that repair shop you planned to visit because you will flash that damn phone yourself so just follow below steps.

STEP 1: make sure your phone is fully charged or at least 50% charged

STEP 2: pick up your android phone and switch it off

STEP 3: now while its off grab the power on/off button + up/down volume key buttons at once together for like 15seconds or more and wait for action.

below phone is a preview example for you incase the above explanation you really do not understand ithow to flash android phone by yourself freeWhen it shows you something like this on your phone screen you will have to release your fingers off the power buttons and  press the down volume key only to select >>Factory Reset<< when you are on Factory Rest now press the up volume key to select it boom you are done now wait for it to reboot after rebooting you have successfully flashed your android phone.

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