The benefits of poverty

The benefits of poverty

The benefits of poverty

Do you know you can benefit from poverty?

A lot of people rejects poverty 90% of humans rejects poverty but the question is do you know you can benefit from poverty?

Good that is a good question which most of rich people frequently asked, before I proceed I want you know something here and think as you read this post,

If children are to choose who to be their parents do you think poor parents would have children?

The question is no, poor people would have never be parents so let’s get down to the main topic:

The benefits of poverty

You will benefit 70% from poverty and you will never skip your meals,

Still wondering? Okay now let me break it more down for you,

Imagine you have 200billion dollars will you be going to where you do go to as normal average person? Without security? If you hear any sound or blast will you stand? Will your heart not skip?

Ninety percent of rich people doesn’t sleep at nights some are even owing banks, too much debt, I can remember after my service the first job I secured as a sales boy in an electronics showroom our then boss was owing LG life’s good company 115million naira then and gradually his company began to go down he started dropping workers and reducing workers salary and of which he called me to his office and told me about reduction of salary that if I can’t cope I am free to leave which prompted me to submit my resignation letter,

Now let’s talk of the benefits of poverty :

If you are poor you have freedom, peace of mind, your life won’t be at threats often by bandits or hoodlums, you goto anywhere you want only you and return in peace without anyone blocking your way asking you where is the money 😂

Also you will always sleep like a new born baby 😀 am sure you now know the benefits of poverty so add yours on the comment section.

The benefits of poverty

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